What is it?


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What a cool idea, Myron!!

Scott - it is really fun turning an idea into something.
Things like this are pretty easy for me where building a cue would not be possible.
See you in a couple of weeks.
Great stuff Myron!

When are we going to play again?
Matt - have been playing locally to me but have not ventured out of the area much as my hours have been a killer during the week.
Will look you up after VF.
Will you be at VF this year?

Quality Cues

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Will send some greenies to all but did too much of that today and have to wait 24 hours.

The story is that I made this because I like to play 14.1 every now and then.
The place I play regularly had GC4's but without the rail counters.
So I figure I would make something small enough to carry every time I play.

Here is the final image so let me know what you think...

Hi Myron:

I like to play 14-1 as well and sure would like one of these for my pool room.