What is it...


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It's a 5-minute epoxy mixer , but someone mounted the motor on the wrong side.
I think.


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If it is made for pool cues, I would guess it is a ferrule tenon cutter.

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Ages ago International Billiards in Houston, was looking for a solution to make fixing house cue tips and ferrules easier. This machine would cut the tenon for an interesting ferrule design, and the tip had a tenon on the bottom that would be tapped into the ferrule. No glue was needed. The tips were made of a hard rubber material and would not hold chalk very well.....hence.........the invention of the BRAD scuffer.

The machine, tip, and ferrule idea didn't make it........however...the Brad scuffer became an instant hit.


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This machine cuts the tenon, scuffs the face, and shapes the tip. Another cue maker brought one to a show a couple of years ago and I snapped some pics.