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  • Thanks for the rep are one of the cooler heads and your posting is cogent...unlike some others. Too bad they ambushed PJ.

    Will you be at the Swanee? I would like to see your wares?

    Best wishes for a Prosperous New Year to you and yours.
    Joey, you inbox full so,,
    If you haven't spray any finish on my shaft yet.
    I want to reduce the amount of finish to 2" :grin:
    Sorry for the changes again.
    If the finish is on already then its alright.
    Joey have you asked Lee to autograph your 1st addition? Just a thought for future value of the bk. I've had Simpson(publisher for the cue collection bks.All additions. And my friend just purchased the BEM Handled tuipwood SW- that was given to Simpsion- just before Jerrys death. Lori (at SW) with Mickey and 2 others. said he could name his price? It is truely 1 of a kind. The cue is on the front cover of the 1st cue addition- and it talked about in the DEDICATION ( To Jerry Franklin.
    I will be sending parts for segmented Handles too. Brazilian Rosewood,and Maple blocks. what kind of lathe ??
    Thanks Mark.
    Your break cue with one extra playing will be shipped this week.
    I just came back for the West Coast Show and I had a blast.
    hello my friend- I just traveled to Mich. for more Birdseye. They forests are still green. A bit of warm rain but the forecast was for snow showers. please let me know when I can expect the cue. I have wood that is hammered ready just for you Joey!! I have some handle wraps with curly and BEM, I have some curly maple veneers-other pieces for butts. Hope all is well with family(everyone included)god bless. I'm excited mark
    I'm a big fan of efren reyes. Do you happen to know the specs and taper of his playing cue? Also, I tried emailing judd for one of efrens playing shaft so i can use it for my cue but no response from him. Can you get a playing shaft made from judd with efrens specific taper, moori med tip and 30'' shaft. pls let me know thanks!
    That would do but the owner wants leather.
    I might use faux lizard wrap.
    For you curly maple forearm cue, I think the pommelle bubinga as handle will be nice.
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