What's your goal in daily practice?


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So how often do you play straight pool competitively?

I, too, love to watch Ortmann and Schmidt play. They play at a pace that is incredible for the precise position they achieve.

Me personally? I played a little round robin format last week, races to 40, first tournament in a year, but I'm still recovering from surgery (physio in half an hour). But I guess you meant us, the Swiss, if one were still a licensed player: that would be two qualifiers for the National Championships per discipline per year plus the Championship itself, plus in Straight Pool, there's one bigger Open tournament a year, plus a handful little weekly tournaments and a Triple event of 9-Ball, 8-Ball and Straight Pool where they've repeatedly been thinking about replacing the Straight Pool with 10-Ball (BIG sigh!)… Needless to say, hundred of miles of driving if one plans to play all of these, but I know from experience Americans aren't usually too bothered by the latter (I find it tiresome).

Greetings from Switzerland, David.

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