which ball is the smallest?


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When I was on the road with the mens pro-tour years ago, and [for too many years], I was in charge of setting up all the tournament rooms and vendors area, ect..

People were amazed at seeing me measuring balls. [Pool balls, guys]. Be nice!

Which ball is the smallest in the full 16 ball rack??????

The "ONE BALL" of course.

It gets struck with the cue ball and then it is mashed between the two balls just behind it and so on.... Playing 8 or 9 ball, the head ball gets the hell knocked out of it at all times.

I had a guy tell me that, I was wrong. He thinks the cue ball is the smallest. Well, HE'S dead wrong.

I don't care how many times you hit the cue ball, it's not getting mashed as the head ball. [which is usually the one ball]. Just hitting the cue ball over and over will not make much of a size differance. But when it hits the "rack" of balls, this makes a world of differance.

I developed a measuring device for checking not only the size of pool balls, but also how round it was. [so all things are equal when playing top pool] .....I would also weigh each of them. The "one" ball was a little smaller than the cue ball or the rest of the rack.

Just something new and interesting to visit about.
see ya