Why is Pool so Addicting?


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The reason I love pool is because when I play well, I am invincible and when I play bad, I’m just humbled but
I become inspired to regain that sense of invincibility. When I describe feeling invincible, it’s a sense of confidence
that grows with each pocketed ball on running the table. And it can be from the break or just when my opponent
misses a shot. The feeling of knowing at that moment no one can stop me or beat me other than myself. Not Efrem
Reyes, Shane or even Willie could stop me or beat me at that moment. Why? Because I did exactly what they would
have done. I owned the table and no one could do anything about it to stop me except me missing the next shot.

Now I don’t run the table from the snap all the time. But I have the skills to do it. Just like I can run out from the 3 ball
or even 7 ball in a 10 ball game. What I am telling you is that when you are the sole master of your fate, and your game
is tight and really on, you are as good as anyone up until you miss the next shot. That’s why I love pool so much. It lets
me feel like a champion even though I’m not & winning a local tournament from time to time or placing high only helps
seal the deal because winning feels so great it becomes an addictive high you want to relive every time you play pool.


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To me, the fascination is the depth of the game... it’s not just the chess part or the physics part, it’s about YOU. By the time I was 22, a friend caught me setting up an easy black ball at snooker.. black on its spot, cue ball 18 inches away, close to dead on. I kept getting down and then back up. He asked what I was doing. I told him I was trying to SEE the shot, not just the IDEA of the shot... like in real time, the way a child would see it.
Never really got there except a few times under extreme pressure.


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It's a game where you can hit things with a stick without repercussions, what's not to like? Jokes aside, for me it's because billiards is a game that involves so many things; visualization, mental fortitude, physics, and entertainment movement.


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billiards has a good fan base

i havent been to a pro or amateur event that ended with a police siren.

of the pool pros i watched none have been convicted of major felonies

and the ability to meet a pro is more accessible than other sports

in terms of the pool fan domain it fit well for me. i am transitioning to pool writer or content producer. being a skilled shooter is in the past. DM me if you want to match up.