Whyte carbon


I have a Whyte Carbon shaft with no pin insert or tip. Let me know if your interested and what you think is fair. It is brand new.


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Sent an email asking for clarification on things and zero response after two weeks - all things in my opinion that should be explained on the website.

What kind of taper is it - straight for x inches, gradual, conical?

What do the stiffness ratings mean, what is their default stiffness, how does it affect things? I think we can safely assume the higher the number the stiffer, but what is the default option and how stiff is that default? I'm guessing these numbers correlate to wall thickness.

And lastly, better explanation on the balance options. Balanced, tip heavy, and tip light is strange wording to describe a shaft when you think about it. Balanced to me means equal weight on each side of the center which makes no sense for a shaft that is thinner in diameter on one end and thicker with a joint on the other. An explanation of what they mean with these would go a long way.

Looks like they have a decent product, and the options are nice, but they need to explain these options and how they affect the hit, deflection, and so on.