US Women's Snooker Open 2023 - WWS Interview with local talent


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World Women’s Snooker (WWS) is pleased to announce that the season-opening US Women’s Snooker Open will be title sponsored by for the first time.
The tournament will be held at OX Billiards in Capitol Hill, Seattle from 11-13th of August 2023, the event will be known as the “ US Women’s Snooker Open 2023.” This will be the second year in a row that OX Billiards has hosted this championship.® takes pride in sponsoring and helping promote men and women's snooker throughout the USA. At®, custom wine cellars are their specialty. As a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor in North America, they preserve and showcase wine with a team of skilled designers. Be sure not to check out the impressive collection of interactive 3D wine cellars you can walk through virtually.

Mike Dominguez, owner of Ox Billiards said: “I would like to thank for their fantastic support of this event and of US Snooker. The first US Women’s Open last August was a landmark international event for snooker in Seattle, and the US and with the support of our partners we hope to be able to make the event bigger and better in the future.”

Entry for the US Women’s Open remains open until 28 July 2023 via WPBSA SnookerScores.
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The WWS interviewed Stephanie Drakulic ahead of the 2023 US Open. Stephanie is a quality local player and ambassador entering her second WWS US Open. here is what she had to say:

Ahead of the second staging of the US Women’s Open this August, we caught up with Portland’s Stephanie Drakulic who will be among the players to compete in the event in Seattle.

Drakulic plays an active role in the local cuesports community as President and webmaster of the Northwest Women’s Pool Association (NWPA) – which is the largest women’s regional cuesports tour in the US.

Having competed in pool since 2012, Drakulic has twice been selected for Team Oregon in the Northwest Cup and was named as the overall event MVP in 2021, as well as finishing as champion in North America Pool Tour Division II in 2020. In 2016, she was named as the 2016 NWPA Player of the Year.

It was at last year’s US Women’s Open that Drakulic would make her World Women’s Snooker Tour debut, earning her first match win on the circuit, and we caught up with her ahead of this year’s tournament…

How much are you looking forward to competing in snooker once again at this year’s US Open?

I’m so excited! What a privilege it is to be a part of this.

How did you find the experience of playing in the event in 2022?

The inaugural US Open was my second ever snooker tournament, and it felt surreal. I was a bit nervous but mostly just happy to be there, with little expectation of my own performance.

What did you learn from playing some of the more experienced players from Europe including Emma Parker and Mary Talbot-Deegan?

I learned that snooker can appear much easier than it actually is!

It was also painfully clear I have much to learn, particularly when it comes to keeping score.

The tournament will also see us return to the wonderful OX Billiards in Seattle – it’s a special cuesports venue isn’t it?

I first met its owner Mike Dominguez just before the COVID lockdown, while he was preparing to open his previous room, Baize. I never got to see Baize in person but was absolutely thrilled when he told me about Ox, particularly that it would have both snooker tables and 9-foot pool tables (9-foot tables are declining in the northwest, getting replaced by 7-foot tables). I’m a 9-foot player at heart so this news excited me deeply.

Ox Billiards has quickly become a household name to players all over the region. They’ve done so much to support players and billiards in general, by hosting some major tournaments, sponsoring local players, and generally raising the bar as far as equipment quality and utilising technology. For instance, they have a fixed streaming setup on their tables, allowing us all to watch events from home. Ox Billiards and their team are absolute gems!

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