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🎈 Woody Woodworth 🎈

This is an old school type of cue....very simple but really nice looking at the same time and hell of a player!

4 points Lacewood into Straight Grain Maple
Flat faced 3/8x 10 joint
Butt: 14.55 oz
Shaft 1: 3.55 oz
Shaft 2: 3.45oz
Linen wrap
3 Veneers in black, green and maple
Lacewood boxes in the butt sleeve
Condition: Barely used and in great shape

♦️About Woody Woodworth♦️


For those who are not familiar with Woody....
Woody’s experience in the custom woodworking business began more than fifty years ago in Lackawanna, New York. It was approximately five years previous to this, that he began to play pool seriously, watching and competing against the likes of Irving Crane, Larry Hubbard, and Mike Sigel. Some years later, after migrating to the warmer climate in Texas, Woody began to toy with the idea of making his own cues.
Although he knew he would make first class cues, Woody was not prepared for the testimonials he received on the quality of his initial cues. It wasn’t long before Woodworth Cues became a household name in San Antonio Billiard circles.


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