WTB: Cheap Playing Cue or Shaft- long read


I know I know, it's all relative in the cue world and cheap could mean something totally different to one person.

TL;DR- Broke teacher needs a cheap replacement cue/shaft because he is an idiot and lost his temper in a match. Current joint is 5/16 x 18.

At the risk of shooting myself in the foot here and writing so much that you quit reading before you get to what I actually need, I want to give a little back story.

I've been playing pool since I was 8 and I'm now 36. I only seriously started playing about 3 years ago. I joined my local APA league and started shooting 8 ball 1 night a week. I eventually switched to a double jeopardy league and still am only able to get out 1 night a week to play but I have been working on my game whenever I can. I've always had a bit of trouble taking my head out of my pool game which is one of my biggest flaws. Because of that I have been shooting with a cheap players stick. About a year ago I lost a pretty important match in Tri-Cups which kept my team from advancing. I (very very stupidly) slammed the butt of my stick down in disgust and put a pretty nice curve in my shaft. In order to try and teach myself a lesson I decided I wouldn't replace my cue/shaft until I could achieve a SL 6 with my crooked cue. Well I have finally done that and my team is headed back to Tri-Cups this weekend so I finaly decided it is time to upgrade.

Now, I'm a broke school teacher so when I say cheap I mean I need it to be cheap. I considered just buying another Players cue but I thought I would see if anyone on here had something that might be a little bit of an upgrade without completely breaking the bank. I would even be happy with a nice shaft upgrade if that is what I have to go for. My current joint is 5/16 x 18.

I'm amazed if you are still reading this but if you are and have something tucked away in the closet or something that might interest me please shoot me a PM. Thanks in advance.