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Hey guys, I've been playing pool for 2 years now and I got my first Viking cue here on AZBilliards when I first got into college. I was hoping to upgrade and get a new cue and was wondering if there were any cues that already fit my preferences or if they one can be made to fit my preferences:
- Has points
- Cocobolo?
- Not sure about wrapless/wrap, but my Viking does have a wrap
- ~18-19 oz
- G10 3/8"-10 pin
- Not SS joint
- Wood to wood joint preferable
- OB shaft
- ~$400-500 range

It's a little specific, but hopefully I can find something? :)

Luc Comtois

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I have a brad new McDermott M7-2A cue with two G-core shafts with Kamui Clear Black SS tips, asking $475.00

I bought this cue two weeks a go.

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