WTB Ebony Titlist Brunswick


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Looking for an Ebony Titlist Brunswick that hasnt been converted from the Hoppe era.
It doesnt matter if it's a one or two piece or if it has wrap or not.
If it's in great shape, I'll probably just keep it the way it is.
If not, it will be converted by a cuemaker.
PM me with what you have.


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Early 1940s ebony Willie Hoppe Professional

I'm planning on making this available for offers in the near future. There may be another out there as nice as this one, but I rest assure you, they are far a few between. Feel free to be the first to PM me an offer. About the Cue: In a closet for 50 years and its condition proves it. Appears to be straight together and apart (The fat leather wrap complicates rolling the Pool Cue on a table). First signature, first label, wartime joint, original canvas case, very few blemishes, cracked ivory ferrule.





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still looking for one.
wasn't lucky enough to win the nice one.
the search continues...