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OK here is the deal. My buddy and i are putting together a team with nothing but family. His father has hit a little rough patch so we put in some cash for him a cue. We came up with 100 dollars. So what would be a decent cue for this price? Or does anyone have one in this range? I could use my paypal or send a postal mo. I was thinking a players or dp but not sure what all is out there. I gave him my old dufferin but its a bit heavy and beat to heck. Any input on these low end fury cues?
thank mid


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Custom cue

How about this? 59 1/2", 5/16x18 pin, clearcoated black/gold spec wrap, Mop notched diamonds, (8), ebony buttsleeve and 4 points, recon ivory ovals, as new condition. 100.00, shipped in US


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sammi sam

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I have 2 SW style tribute butt for $95 includ ship worldwide.
both r straight, one is used, one is almost new with brand new lizard warp.

u can easy order better custom shafts from custom markers, I order one from Jim Baxter cost $80, plays great...
if interest, pls PM me, cheers sam

Bob Farr

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Take your pick for $Cues are all SOLD and I'll give a 1x1 round, hard, black case with it.
Everything is new and all cues are 18.75 to 19.5 oz.
Cues from top to bottom:

McDermott Star


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