WTB: House in Tucson


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I posted this in the wanted/for sale forum, but thought this may also get some attention here.

I'm strongly considering moving to Tucson early next year, so I am looking for a house suitable for a pool player (I'm not great at pool, but I can't imagine not having a table in the house). A room big enough for two nine-foot tables would be great, but will settle for room for one.

We have a lot of Arizona players on here so I'm hoping someone is aware of a suitable house. Please, no fixer-uppers and nothing over $300K (or close). Yeah, I know there are a lot of real estate sites on the web, but I get tired of sorting though the crap.

If someone here does suggest a house that I wind up buying, there's a $1,000 finders fee for you.

Would also appreciate advice on table mechanics and cue builders/repair for Tucson.

Thanks guys,

email: junkbond@sbcglobal.net