WTB-Nickerson, Teague-- ?

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Hi ,

I'm STILL on the prowl for a natural / forward balance cue,

Have seen a few tried a few but can't find what I want. Helmstetter,Sierra,
I got a couple of offers last year and info response.

With that said I'm looking for a used / or new Plain Jane ,
Nickerson or Teague or even an older ? ?

The Helmstetter I have is FB sorta but not what I want -96-8 not an old one. Import model --not the old design US quality.

I have a Schon SL-17 -it hits like my Acura 4cyl 230HP in drive strong but weak?--too crisp. no follow through of stick power just a pretty stick

Im looking for a 85' Mercedes 560 8cyl almost 500 HP in 2nd hit --flow-w-w-through the ball through the wall ,and in to the next county.
The power pulls the cue through the ball with less effort, but more power
in the stroke

J W Petree is local but he is a bit backed up as I understand.

Teague 425 ?
If the builders do what they say . . prices off the shelf!

Any suggestions to compare sight unseen?
My friend won't sell me his LTD 416 built for Danny Harriman.
I can't afford it if he would.

Thanks everyone for all the wise and honest advice.