WTB: Pool Instruction Videos


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I have been playing pool for a few years... probably 2 years total playing time with the breaks I have had to endure early on in my pool life. (Job kept me from playing.. then serious illness.. etc)

I am interested in purchasing some videos on how to play pool at a more advanced stage. I wouldn't mind seeing some info on pre-shot routine.. because I always hear people talk about it.. and I think I have a decent stroke, but I am always open to learning anything and everything.

The biggest issue I have with my game right now, is I don't understand the bank concept.. sometimes I can feel the banks, and as I have been working with the banks.. (Jason Miller - Dayton) gave me a few tips on how Speed and English have drastic effects on the bank game.

But I am highly interested in learning more, I can generally make the ball come really close to pocketing it, but I would say on banks further from the pocket, I am at about 30% chance of making it, and as they come closer to dead on, I increase my chances of banking it in by atleast 40% (Total of 70% on dead banks). I realize a lot of my problem is still just practice time. Working I don't get to play as often as I'd like and I do not yet have a table in my house, so if the price is right, I am interested in trying some out.

Let me know.