WTB TAR 17 and Cuemaker's Round Table DVDs


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I post this request from time to time to see if I can ever find anyone willing to let go of these DVDs.

I am looking for an original (not a copy) of

TAR DVD "Cue Maker's Round Table" from 2009

And TAR 17 Mills vs Van Boening 9 Ball Race to 100 also from 2009

Lastly, TAR DVD Efren Reyes vs Shane Van Boening DCC '09

If you have one of these please PM me. Heck, if you have 'em all PM me. :)

I tried emailing and PMing the powers that be at The Action Report, but to no avail. I had heard that it would be a fruitless effort to get in touch with them, but I had a try. I'm left to see if anyone here remembers they own the original DVDs and is willing to sell them to me.

Thanks again guys...:wave: