WTB: Titleist Conversion (lower end)


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Looking to spend less than $800 on a Titleist Conversion.

Must have a wrap and prefer leather but will consider linen.

Interested in Titleist Conversion with a Hoppe Ring. Prefer bumperless but send offers.

Maker doesn't matter.. If someone on AZB is just starting to make cues and would make me one for cheaper than my asking price, that would be awesome too.

Send emails to jetlau3@gmail.com.

Whatcha guys got?

There was a Jim Baxter Titleist conversion on here months ago going for $600.. Is that cue still available?


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This is a good one. Finding titlist cues that remain full splice and wrapless are getting fewer and fewer...
Chuck Starkey
I've hit with one of his 6 point cues, it was a soft hit with a slight forward balance. Not sure if it would be the same hit as this full splice titlist conversion...

Jim Baxter didn't state whether it was sold, but doesn't hurt to ask.
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All I get is six words?
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Contact Lee who posts here under the name LPCUSTOMCUES. Lee does great work at very fair prices, including conversions.