WTB used BK2 & Cuetec 3x6 Case


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hey guys and gals. i'm looking for a used bk2. my price range is 200 - 250. the cue does need to roll straight apart and together. i would prefer if the tip of the shaft isn't altered or changed.
i'm also looking for a specific cuetec case. its a 3x6 here is a picture of the case so ppl can understand what i'm asking for. pm me prices or let me know what your asking for the case or the bk2 thanks everyone


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bk2 and case

i have a bk2 linen wrap and 4x8 buffalo butterfly case for 425 usd all shipped.

roll straight and the tip is original.

if you want see the picture send me your email please. thanks

my email is: ale_place@alice.it