WTT: predator butt for predator butt


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I have a purpleheart SP4NWP roadline sneakypete butt with unilock joint. Used for a few days. It's 100% flawless. MSRP for the SP4NWP with shaft on predator.com is $499.

I'm looking to trade that butt for the black Sport2 butt with unilock joint. MSRP on predator.com for the Sport2 with shaft is $529.


......I also have the following that is open for trades:
- OB 124 with OB-1+ shaft. Factory Tiger Everest (Medium) tip installed.
- OB Rift break cue with both the speed shaft and the control shaft.
- OB Lift jump cue. The two piece cue...not the one with the two piece butt.
- OB weight kit. I'm not sure what exact weight each of the cues are at but there's enough weights to adjust them both.
- OB Joint protectors for everything.
- Piece of leather for keeping the shafts slick.
- Shooting glove unused in it's package.

Specifically looking for unilock Sport2, BK-Rush, or anything unilock with a Revo shaft.

Respond here or text (662) 546-0761.