WTT Woodworth


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Wrap less 6 points Woodworth Custom cue with 2 shafts
Butt: 15.26 oz, 3/8-10 wrap less,
S1: 4.26oz, 12.88mm, Medium Moori, Slight taper roll
S2: 3.72oz, 12.49mm, Medium Moori, Slight taper roll

This is a great playing cue. It is a player and has a nic on the butt cap, but nothing serious. Just looking to try something new. Also have a wrap less bk3 that I would trade with this cue for something of much higher value.
Looking for only custom but will consider schons too. Will take cash offers too.
You can see pic here: http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/0/3/9/5/3/2/webimg/760165594_o.jpg

Thanks for looking and as always I list my cues have a taper roll just, but that's not always true.
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