Yahoo.....COVID Vaccinations Are Gaining Steam........Alleluia!

David in FL

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Children are the main drivers of the flu. Many children have not been going to school, and for those that have gone to school they do so with mask wearing and social distancing. Children usually aren't allowed to ignore those rules enforced in schools.

As for COVID, the main drivers are adults. Adults generally do whatever the heck they want, mandates be damned.

That was actually an interesting read, thanks.


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April 16th.......I can resume pool playing.......get my 2nd COVID vaccination on April 1st....kind of ironic.
After the 2nd vaccination, there is a two weeks period that follows before you are considered immunized.

April 16th.......11 am......I will remove a cue from my cue case, assemble it and actually hold a cue for the
very first time since February 16, 2020. It has been a long hiatus, longer than even the layoffs I’ve endured
with any of my five (5) shoulder surgeries since 2010. Gosh, I have zero expectations about stroking the ball
and getting the feel of my stroke but after playing pool for 60 years, I suspect it won’t take long. It really never
has in the past & like I wrote, I’ve had more than my fair share of taking a hiatus from pool for medical reasons.

The pool halls in my neck of the woods in CA still aren’t open yet. Dunno when that will happen either but it
doesn’t matter since my vaccination protocol keeps me away from pool even if the pool rooms were open now.
So about a month from now I can resume pool playing and one of my closet friends just remodeled his garage
turning it into his home pool studio. It took two months to complete since the garage is now completely enclosed
with walls, new lighting, a sound system, big screen TVs and a really nice 9’ table, newly covered with with 4.35”
corner pockets and 5” side pockets. The table should play tough which was his goal and it’s also my favorite style.

Tomorrow I’ll start looking at some of my pool videos and reading some of my pool instruction books again. Aside
from just missing playing pool, I’ve never given it much thought. So here’s a chance to freshen up my knowledge
since sometimes we forget and remember after something bad happens in an important match. To my way of thinking,
a long layoff can be a prelude to losing bad habits and just starting fresh again. But regardless, everyone remember this.

“A bad day playing pool is infinitesimally better than any day of not playing any pool.” So don’t gripe if & when you play awful.

You're not playing anytime soon.

Joe said July 4th and we have to wait till they tell us what we can and cannot do.

Wear your freaking mask!


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Some people do what they are told to do by the government, whether it makes sense or not.

The rest of us have been living life.
I find it insulting that big govt thinks they need to control every aspect of my life......others seem to crave this kind of treatment.