your opinion about Predator BK Rush break cues

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Predator now has six (6) versions of their BK Rush break cue...

Black Break Cue - No Wrap
Redline Break Cue - No Wrap

Black Break Cue - Sport Grip
Redline Break Cue - Sport Grip

Black BK Rush + Jump/Break Cue - No Wrap
Black BK Rush + Jump/Break Cue - Sport Grip

My questions are these:

Do these versions break different (better or worse) (feel any different when breaking)?

Do the break/jump versions break significantly different (better or worse) than the just the break only version?

Do the jump cues jump well?

I know asking for a consensus on AZB is like hearding cats... but what the heck, I have to ask :)

Any opinions?


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Only used the black break cue versions. I like the sports wrap a lot more. I tried a friends wrapless when they first came out and didn’t care for it at all. Said it ain’t worth the money and stuck with my trusty BK2. Last year I tried a sports wrap version and felt what I guess everyone else that swears by them felt. Ended up buying one and really like it. There might not be a big difference and it’s all in my head but my first impression from the wrapless made me not interested in them for awhile. Curious to know if anybody else that’s tried both had the same impression.


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Samsara is a spinoff of Predator. Gotta have class though :ninja::sneaky::oops:😍👏
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