Zan Hybrid Max...


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After about 4-5 years of playing with Zan mediums on and off, I always go back to them because of the hit and constancy, I decided to try the Hybrid Max tip finally. I was very excited being it's suppose to be a bit harder than the Zan plus medium tips. They claim that the tip is pressed hard in the center and medium on the edges giving you the feel of a medium, action of a hard needed and touch of a soft when needed. I am not knocking the Zan brand at all! I love their tips, but that was not my experience with the hybrid at all! It of course installed and trimmed like a dream ( I have a lathe ) But on the table I couldn't feel anything, hit is subjective, but if I can't feel or hear the hit I can't play with it. I had to force every shot and was scratching left and right, missing balls, one moment the cue ball was dead the other it was traveling ( Ok ). The tip was installed on a revo 12.4 and I play with a custom 3/8-10 flat face cue butt. For now while waiting on my HOW Medium to arrive to try and Zan medium to arrive I have installed a good ol lepro. I can move the cue ball around again and feel my shots so it'll do for now.

Has anyone had this experience with hybrid max? or liked the soft hit of them compared to the normal medium? I just thought the expirence would have been completely different.