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  • Appreciate your reply, I love a good joke....why not come up with one and relight that thread, ya never know it might/should be a go.
    Have to agree with you re: C.S. tees quality - bought a couple when on vacation in Hawaii years ago and they really held up.
    your comments could have been private messaged to me. I'm not convinced your motives were in the right place. you ask why. Well not one of my questions were answered by your post. HMMM
    The best thing that I have ever used for concentration and have recommended to others ( with very good feed back ) are the subliminal CD's by a company called Alphasonics International. These are the best I have found and I have used CD's from I would say five different company's. I want to state that I have no affiliation with this company. You can go to their web. site at www.alphasonics.com ,there you will find a report on their subliminal CD's which is eight pages you can read if you like. I highly recommend this product and if you try them and use as they are supposed to be used, at least once a day for the first 30 days and at least once a week after that. I firmly believe that your skill level will go up at least a ball better than it is now. These subliminal CD's have over a million positive affirmations per hour and that is accomplished by layering 22 tracks over each other in real time speed.
    thanks for all your posts and being my friend on here, i really mean that, look below 13 months, and i enjoy your posts, i REP'ed you my thoughts on the streaming thing. I think thts a great thread, $$$ is a issue as well. Camera angle comes with experience-you dont want the table to look like a trapiziode but directly overhead is no good either, there is a sweet spot, Sometimes in pool rooms there just isnt space to set up the best possible way either, I have seen TAR in 6 or 7 venues and they have been cramed in a corner, or have the perfect set up at hardtimes. I just wish the audiences were bigger, if 1000 people are watching thats 20 people/state that's pretty depressing considering there are 300,000,000+ in America alone.


    im out making new and more friends today on AZ, it makes me happy to have a lot of friends, especially when times are tough, best Eric
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