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  • Otto Graham, fraternity hazing photo after the fact, he's probably 19 yr old then. He and my dad were dropped off two miles from campus, had to get back to the frat house w/o getting caught. :)
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    Brookeland Bill
    Brookeland Bill
    In the sixties we would cover pledges with molasses and sawdust, put the in the bed of a truck and drop them off 15 miles from campus. That’s Texas for you.
    Island Drive
    Island Drive
    yeppers....back in the day.
    I'm pretty easy to spot. 6'6'' white hair and mustache. 200 lbs and older than yesterday. I thought you might of known em a little. We'll see yah there. Section 1 Seat F 3 for table #1

    Luke will be missed. I don't know him well, but got to know him a little bit at a few Mosconi Cup after-parties over the years. Quality guy for sure.

    Make sure we meet, Bill. Though my picture is in my AZB avatar, I don't know what you look like, but guys like John Barton, Jay Helfert, Bob Jewett, Mika Immonen, Darren Appleton, and Jayson Shaw all know me well and can identify me for you. I'm only there for the knockout stages. See you soon. ---- Stu Mattana
    It is sad to see this forum's amenities diminish due to the trolls, multiple-identitied and banned members posting. Wishing you all the best in ND at the Four Bears Casino. Sounds really nice! :)
    You asked if you know me... I don't believe we ever talked personally, but I used to see you at Antiques fairly often while I was stationed there. Everyone at Antique's knew me as Chubs. I used to gamble with Nutter on occasion, and took Bobby for some dough a couple of times.
    not sure you can track or record via percentage. It will tell you how many, but I think it does not list the number as percentage.
    Bill! Sorry finally checked the message. I'm living in florida now been out of la for 2 years :) how are you where do you live? i never check these almost facebook or or 323-445-8838 cell are all the best options...
    Bill, I read your post on being from Chicago and i'm letting you know that i was born there in 1942 at 7000 East End Avenue Apt.408. I sent you a friendship request and hope that you accept. "country" Bob
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