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    The Octopus by Black Boar

    My new favorite cue!
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    Madrone Burl? Please help ID

    You will be fine with a good strong core.
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    A little roasted maple, wenge and silver Vigus cue.

    Heads out to new owner today thanks for looking! Larry
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    Blues & Browns

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    What do you do the first day of retirement

    Congratulations on the cue and the retirement. On my first day of retirement, I will be attending my funeral. Larry
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    What's your worst screw up?

    First wife!
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    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    DZ has a really good page on his website about cameras. A good camera helps with a lot more than finding centerline of a cue. It helps getting in getting inlays centered between points. Larry
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    A little work in progress.

    Cue is spoken for. Thanks for looking. Larry Vigus
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    Inlays in the forearm ...?

    I am surprised how few people know this trick. i read about it in Mr. Hightower’s book. Larry
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    Fancy Rings got any?

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    Full Splice with Rings

    With a little imagination, anything is possible. Larry
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    Thomas Wayne

    Met him there too! He was a joy to talk to in person. Larry