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  • Hey Larry, Tony here. I'm sure you remember the break cue you made me with the Lyptus shaft and G10 ferrule? Well, I was wondering what the feasibility was for facing-off the ferrule and gluing a softer tip (like maybe a Moori medium or Kamui Brown medium)to make a playing cue out of it. How do you think that would work out as a playing shaft/cue? I love the wood on the butt and the shaft is slicker than owl $hit, but honestly I rarely break with it and would get more use of the cue as a player. If this modification is feasible, would you want to do it for me?

    Hi Larry. I hope you and the family are doing well. I just wanted to update to let you know that the three cues of yours that I have, they are all straight as an arrow. One of your earlier cues (that I acquired in a trade for a J. Flowers case) is my main player and I have been shooting well with it. It's the one with the reverse points/two shafts. I absolutely LOVE the feel and feedback of the cue and the sound I hear at contact with the cue ball is what I had previously been seeking for years. I have a friend/teammate who liked it a lot when I showed it to him. He wanted your contact information but I told him that last I heard, you were no longer taking orders. Is that correct or should I give him your phone number?

    Tony (Maniac)
    Hey Larry, Maniac here. Just dropping you a line to let you know that my cues are still perfectly straight and playing well. Even the break cue with the solid butt is arrow straight. I hope you are well. I've been away from AZB for awhile but I'm back (but will be a lot less active than I was before). Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Thanks Larry for the cues. I have purchased 5 Vigus Cues. The quality of the cue and the service is awesome.
    Howdy Larry, hope things are going , well. Joe Poupard is looking for a 60" cue, heree is is number 214-477-1228

    Thanks Kennan
    Hey Larry, got 2500.00 for the laat cue, I can paypal you, or if you are coming up just call and I can have cash for you.

    Hey Larry
    Bryan Yates asked me to send his number to you he couldn't get in contact with you. Thanks
    Thanks.. I hope you can use the info,,,, as you can see in the thread, there are those that already are critical of it..

    Hey Larry
    Marvin called today and is shipping the cue and case. I will have the cue at the Saturday tournament. Give me a call if you want it before then and we can meet somewhere.
    Howdy Larry, Jay said you could be interested in my Hightower standalone inaly machine and some of my aged wood. My name is Kennan Keffer ( captk ) 940 594 9501

    thanks Kennan
    Hi , I don't know very many tall guy shooters . .
    especially that use a 60-61" weapon !
    Might be nice to know someone else that can lok above the crowd . .
    Will tomorrow work? I have to go out tonight. I will have BUD light in tow. It will also give me a chance to look at your cues.
    Sure any time after 3:30 today if you want. A 6pack of Bud light should do it!

    Give me a call @ 972 529 8087
    Can you do a couple of tips. I have the tips. If so, how mich, how long and when should I come up to Anna?
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