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  • Hi! Howyadoin? I'd like to purchase one of your Twisted Wood chalkers for $29.95 including shipping.
    Please let me know your paypal info so I can shoot you the cash.
    Hi Bill! Jackie here, Ritch's wife. I just want to thank you for all the support and positive comments. You know you're like a best friend to us and I want to tell you something although this is kinda personal. I just feel bad that someone here in Az Billiards who has joined 4 months ago and has 4 whole posts keeps on underestimating Ritch's work. He is following every post that we have here then he would post very annoying comments. I just feel bad for my husband although I appreciate Ritch's character. I asked him what does he feel about it and he said.. "nothing, I'm not gonna ruin my name that I've invested in AzBilliards for 10 years because of that guy's critisism. I'm not gonna put down my level just to raise his."
    Hmmm... somehow I learned and somehow as a wife, I want him to know that I got his back. :)

    Jackie Remo
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