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  • Steve let me know when your comming and if you have anything you might like to sell/trade. Best Eric
    Hey Steve,

    i was at Miller's shop and i got a Sneak Peak of your Box Cue in Progress.....its coming along very nicely !!!!!

    i am tempted to order a cue from him made of ebony and snakewood !!! he already has the forearm started on it !!!

    Went to John Showman's shop the other day.Decided to commision a cue from him.Wish it could be something like yours.Just going to keep it simple.
    Hi listen i no ur a bid collector of tonys stuff not sure who else u like but im tired of pool and my cues to be honest with u so im selling all of them for well under what i payed for was wondering if ur intererested. I would like to sell all of them as a package deal i have 4 searings 2 southwest 1 showman but this one is the fanciest cue he has ever built to date. Like i said im selling them all for very reasonable prices let me know please what u think thanks my cell is 561 693 8153 call me my name is sean or pm me
    steve, i k ow i said it 1000 times, but it does look like i will be in the City withina few weeks, i'll let you know. perhaps we can do a little trading. or just enjoy the cues, i really look foward to meeting you!!

    Hi, I was wondering if you have recieved the African Blackwood BB, if you plan to post finished pictures or if you could possibly PM some pics to me or email them to fastfats7@yahoo.com. I am dying to see the finished cue. Thanks!
    Hi i was at dennis;s shop the other day and he said you were in our vicinity.I wanted to say hi and nice sign he gave you.BTW great collection of cues you have.
    take care,
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