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  • when people talk about weight it's a way to handicap a game so that weaker players can play stronger players and have a better chance of winning.

    let's say i play better than you do i'll say i'll give you the 8 ball. which would mean that if you pocket the 8 at any time during the game you'll win. you can combo it or just run out to it. that applies to 9 ball/10 ball. if someone says they'll give you the last 2 then if you run out to the last 2 balls on the table (not always the 8/9 or 9/10) then you'll win.

    get it?
    that probably wasn't an awful deal seeing as you're in europe and from what i hear billiards supplies always cost more over there. as i recall those cues break and jump great. why don't you just hold onto it
    where'd you buy it from? i've seen 'em sell here on az for $150 usd. where're you located? shippings going to make the sale a little harder too.

    anyway if you're looking to get a shaft made i'd recommend getting one made from purple heart. i know muellers will make you a shaft with matching ringwork for 120ish usd. GL with your sale
    I'm asking £160 which is about $230 I know pricey but in £ I can't go any lower.
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