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  • i don't think it's your petree this butt measures 30" for sure.
    thanks for the heads up though..
    Text me ill do the desk for the mezz shaft I also have a custom mezz butt with a predator shaft for sale for 900$ obo text me at 805-816-3895
    Hi there!

    Thinking about ordering a cue from Ronnie Powell. Seeing your "offer" for more info, thought I'd contact you. Any thoughts? Much appreciated, thanks!

    Greetings from Switzerland, David.

    „J'ai gâché vingt ans de mes plus belles années au billard. Si c'était à refaire, je recommencerais.“ – Roger Conti
    That poor guy has got a lot of pent up hate in him.
    He needs to lighten up a little.
    I can really get under his skin....He's so obvious.
    He'll fume when he reads this...He reads everything.
    He's also paranoid as hell ....lol
    I really do feel sorry for him.
    yes, poolplayer2093 , youtube vids on basic french are usefull, especially because of the lackl of accent and the slow speaking. French is hard because of the differences between the spelling and the spoken language. (oups, sorry for my crappy english , it's only my 2d foreign language...)
    Please empty your PM Box. I would like to know if you shipped my Mezz Extension and by what carrier and the tracking number.

    Hi bro, nice to hear you played well....i do too lately, had a 65,83 back to back yesterday....imagine there would be no miss in between.....would be 148 ! but as always....anyway, had another 70 today. really happy with my playing today.

    i am on facebook any day, its just the time difference i guess.
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