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  • can you please pm me. i want to try one of your shaft. i need it urgently so please message me soon as possible. i play pool for a living so i really need this.
    I am interested in purchasing one of your Anwar LD shafts, I am always interested in trying new and different shafts.

    I have pay pal and am ready to place the order whenever is convenient for you.


    Hi Axio,

    You must be very busy lately, any idea when you will start to ship the serie of $100.00 shafts. Some of my friends can`t wait to test it, around here any LD shaft are very popular.....just an head up my friend.

    Who knows, you mint get more order. :)

    If you prefer, just email me;

    Take care.

    Lucas Comtois
    Hi Bud Got to hit a few balls with your shaft last night , was rather impressed . I question some of the other reviews . I liked it , I thought the finish was good . I think of a cue as a tool , if it works it don't have to be perfect . this shaft worked very well for me last night, but hope to do some more tonight . Jim
    Hope all is well my friend- I have been telling the local boys - about the Newest shaft on the Horizon- A Pro Player Donnie Mills in Flordia - is very interested in LD shafts. He wanted mine for Free already- He would be a great, well respected Pro player to Sponsor -with just a LD shaft. Just thinking ahead. Your friend Mark
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