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  • Barry is so classy. I have bought several Nice Runde Cues from him and he always delivers. No worries here. I wish I could afford to buy another cue or two from him. Thanks Barry.
    hi,i have a stl3 schon with z2 and work great but my dream is wrapless butt like your sneaky ebony into maple.I wonder if we can trade the butts and if is necesary with a cash difference from me.If you are interested let me know.
    there is a tournament and cue show at Table Steaks this next weekend 7/24 -25. Drop by if you can; I will be there with one of my maniac friends. Too, my home e-mail is Your last e-mail in May was lost in the hundreds I receive at work so, best probably to use my home e-mail instead. Look forward to seeing you; too, let Doug know if you talk to him, I haven't seen him lately. Mike
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