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  • I would like you to give me a call about doing your work on your tables....glen will tell you what you want to hear....but I give you what you need to have done right on your tables.
    I'm the best rail guy far.

    Mark Gregory
    Nice to meet you Joe,
    I am a firm believer you cant know too many good people. So I was looking around on AZ last nite and realized I didnt know you like I'd like to. So I asked you to be my friend. Here we are. I live in Vegas and LA, I love to travel all over the world. This week is going to be fantastic with the Mosconi Cup here in Vegas, the team meeting is at my house tomarrow nite, Thats a HUGE honor for me-I didnt mention it in public on the forums.

    best regards

    1-702-241-8000 mobile
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