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    Cue DisplayCase SOLD

    Who made it?
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    Cue DisplayCase SOLD

    How big is it / weight, where are you located ?
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    Case- leather care

    Search on the web for Potter and Sons Shoe Artisans, on their YouTube channel they explain the restoration of high end shoes and finishes... Most all professionals use products made by Saphir Medaille d'Or made in France, another source is Horween Leather Chicago, been around and still is since...
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    anyone use a brunswick converion kit to.....

    Yes, Jerimy Chambers is the go to guy for new rails, his joinery process is rock solid, he did the tables at Red Shoes in the Chicago area, give him a call...
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    Brunswick "Hustler" Cue Case...

    Looking for a Brunswick "Hustler" Cue Case, it was called "Expert Leather Cue Case" shown in Brunswick 1953 Catalog Pg. 13, has a brass name plate and tooled designs on both sides of the case . The same case was offered by A.E Schmidt St. Louis MO, it is they believed supplied this case to...
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    Rambow 1961 era cue Welcome to AZB JDC... I have the same Rambow era cue, bought it from the original owner, same Brunswick case. The owner told me when the Hustler debuted in 1961 he turned 19, visited Rambow's shop, saw an un-signed cue with the number 19 on it which he liked the number 19...
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    what is a gold crown 1 worth

    Anniversary Slate My 1953 Anniversary has real Slates, Pinned and Doweled... I moved it from original home owner in 1991, was re-clothed once, Rosewood rails and came with a original Green Cover Service manual dated 1953. The Gulley system was in like new condition. BBC
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    What design would you have Hercek make for you?

    What Design would you have Hercek make for you? Joel is the best... I recently took delivery of my latest Hercek and words cannot explain the precision of this cue. The experience of having Joel making your cue is amazing, Joel allowed me to take part in selecting the Cocobolo blank...
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    LED light for Anniversary

    Anniversary LED Lighting I purchased the same LED Panel lights recommended by Denwhit... They are awesome, you can simotaneously control the brightness and color both panels via wireless remote, I hung the panels 42" above the table and centered on the 50" x 100" playing area, there is...
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    Anniversary nameplates question

    Anniversary Name Plate My Anniversary came with original 1953 service manual, the rails are Rosewood with the "Oval" name plate, all original... BBC
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    Burton Spain Trio

    Thanks... The top cue is a very early Hercek with the pin in the shaft, serial # 003 built in 1993, my first custom cue! I worked with Joel on the design based on Burt's "Moon" cue, we added the alternate Small and Large Dots and the Red Trim Ring to the Upper part of the Butt and named it the...
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    mint late 1940's Brunswick Master Stroke

    Master Stroke Hello, The Master Stroke is a favorite of mine, your cue with the grayish joint collar is my favorite... I picked up a similar cue about a year ago, 17 ounce, a really beauty. Enjoy, BBC
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    is Brunswick a dying dinosaur??

    Brunswick Gold Crown I Mr Bond, It is a GC1... Jim told me it had a white cream finish, he stripped off all the paint, stained and finished Mahogany to match the Anniversary tables. The Gold Crown was offered in four combination colors, Blue, Gold, Tangerine and Classic White Aprons with...
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    Refinishing in South Florida

    Centennial Rail Refinish Hi, I assume your rails are rosewood, I was fortunate to get a one Home owner Anniversary with rosewood rails... The table was 90% perfect when I picked it up, just needed to bring back the life in the finish, 20+ years later and to this day the finish is as good as...
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    Brunswick Anniversary

    Anniversary pocket Finish Steve, I personally like the factory Anodized finish, take a look at mine, they are 100% original... The finish has a nice satian look, great patina, never have to polish. Joe