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    Anyone using Q Clean and Q Glide?

    Likewise, I use the REVO now but when I had maple shafts they both do a great job.
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    So I Finally Broke Down and Got My New Toy!!!

    So I first heard about the REVO last year and being a long time Predator user and supporter I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. It first began with me trying to justify buying a whole new cue just to be able to get my hands on the shaft, almost pulled the trigger a few times but never did...
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    cue extension advice

    No the Butt Cap Threads are too long, will only go in partially. Cap would have to be modified to work, could be done. Early BK2's didn't have the threaded end. This was a later design change, it is purely a factory design. Black Cat :cool:
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    cue extension advice

    I play with the Balance Rite Mid Extension Full Time and I add my Predator QR Rear Extension as needed on occasion. Makes for an extremely long cue but I can reach everything. Cue plays great, wouldn't change back for anything. Black Cat :cool:
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    Rules of the "Calcutta"

    Thanks for the input guys, I've been running a very good Tournament for awhile now. I'm always looking for ways to improve and bring more excitement to the events, I really want to get more spectator evolvement and subsequently larger crowds out to venues. This is why I'm looking to start doing...
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    Rules of the "Calcutta"

    Should Players be allowed to Bid on other Players, or only on themselves. How are most run out there, new process for me and I'm getting conflicting information from players as to what they are used to . ~Black Cat~ :cool:
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    Broken Revo

    Hmm, I probably should just stay out of this. But, I'm not :D I've hit with a REVO on a couple of occasions today being the second. I like the hit and the performance of the shaft. Yes it's expensive at this point being that you do have to buy a complete cue. However with that being said...
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    Playing Good Players

    Hmm, very interesting question indeed. In my experience thinking back to the beginning of my pool life, when I didn't know any better I would believe it or not ask anybody to play, didn't care who they were. I remember I went to one of our Local Spots years ago it happened to be the Friday...
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    are many of the best players using long

    Well all jokes aside, I started using the Balancerite Extension and I like the way it is working out. I get into issues at times with walls but not often. I even have a back extension if needed. I think its worth the investment. Black Cat :cool:
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    I can't believe it went as far as it did, It was obvious. I just hate the fact that it happened. Black Cat :cool:
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    Check this out!!!! SMH!!!! Black Cat :cool:
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    💡💡Tournament SHENANIGANS!! Smh

    Well point #1 I start people off at their known handicap in my events then as time progresses I adjust them based on how they perform in my events. This may be the same situation with the event you played in. Your friend may be rated an APA 8 in 9 Ball and totally suck in an actual match based...
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    PAY OFF EVERY GAME!! (Gambling & Pool)

    Well I'm no big time gambler by any means. If I'm playing with people I know I don't care how it comes by the game, after a series or, after a set. If it's people I don't know, I want it by the game, if it's a race then post it up all day everyday, actually rather someone trusted to hold the...
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    My Trip to the Pool Hall Today

    Tell that to the Challenge of Champions :wink: Rule Set can be whatever you agree on. I have no problem playing regular with players, I hate playing with folks that will bang and hope at every opportunity. That's all it makes them play, you don't lose on luck. Black Cat :cool:
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    Someone ever shoot your ball in? Ruling needed!

    I would say un-sportsman like conduct, and award you ball in hand. I wouldn't consider it any different than him shooting the ball in with the cue ball. I he protested it further, I'd award you the game, if it continued I'd award you the match and ban him. Black Cat :cool: