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  • nope never lived there i bought off some guy in MN and no haven't had a chance to contact him, super busy
    Hey, where in florida are you?? I'm in florida, also. I'm in the tampa area. Anyway, i have a mid, 1970's adams cue that is about what you are describing. It is 19.4 oz, is a forward weighted cue, has a huebler style bumper on it, has 4 rosewood, very symmetrical points with nice ring work on the shaft and butt forearm collar. The butt is solid rosewood and the forearm maple is nice. The shaft is low deflection and pretty true, especially for 30 years old. In fact, the tip factor is very important on the hit, i will make you another deal, if you have a choice on tips, i change the tip to your choice, as long as i have it in stock, i will change it out, clean and condition the shaft and ferrule and change out the tip to your choice, for my cost on the tip and you throw me $5.00 for my time on the lathe. Mike 727-277-9853
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