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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Jim Carrey can go F**k himself. What a loser
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    Break Cue Tip Replacement

    Hi, I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and I can't find anyone to replace my Samsara tip on a break cue. I'm going to be in both the Long Beach, Ca area and the Tucson area in mid to late May. I could send the shaft to someone and pick it up when I arrive. Any recommendations? Thanks, Randy
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    Rehab from Back Surgery

    Hi all, I've been in excruciating pain for the last 6 months and could barely walk. It ends up I had a fractured vertebrae (S1 L-5) that was totally compressing the nerve down my left leg. The surgeon replaced a herniated disc and used screws and rods to fuse S1/L5 and then bone fusion between...
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    Terminology Question

    During the discussion of the new Cyclop balls, the term "skid" came up quite often. I'm not familiar with the exact meaning of the term. Does skid refer to the cue ball skidding when executing the shot or doing something after contact with the object ball. My table was just recovered with...
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    Name on Fabric

    Quick question, I am going to have my table re-covered and the local mechanic will be supplying the cloth (Tournament 3030). I want to make sure it is genuine fabric from Championship and was wondering if the name is on the backside to verify. Randy
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    Favorite Cloth Color

    I'm getting ready to order some Tour Edition 3030 and was wondering what everyone's favorite color was. We have a standard green on the table at this time. I'm leaning towards the the Euro Blue but SWMBO isn't quite so sure I thinks she like the standard green. She is just learning the game...
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    Cloth speed difference

    I'm getting ready to get my 9' table recovered. I play mostly 8 ball and straight pool, very little 9 ball at home with my wife and a few others. After reading numerous threads it seems Simonis 860 is usually recommended. I'm curious about the real speed difference between 760,860 and...
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    Break Practice Devices

    I'm familiar with the BreakRak but I'm wondering if there are any alternatives out there or in development. I saw on the web site something called "Breaksmith" under the coming soon heading. I've tried using their contact us form but can't seem to get any info. Thanks for any info.
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    No cues on planes yet

    Just came across this: Looks like we have to wait awhile longer to get those cues as carry on baggage.
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    I see on the website under the coming soon section they have a product called "Break Smith". I'm assuming that it will be a competitor to the BreakRak. Does anyone have any info on this product and when it might be available? I filled out the contact form on the Outsville...
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    Roll off and Cloth wear

    Just a quick question. I've noticed that I am experiencing some roll off lately on my home table. The table hasn't been moved (no earthquakes) but obviously the cloth will wear the more use the table gets. It is still in pretty decent shape. Can just cloth wear cause the roll off or could it...
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    Victory Table Rail Profile

    Does anyone know what profile is used on a Victory 9' table? I can't seem to find any info on the table. I'm getting close to having to replace mine along with a recover. Thanks
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    Drunkin Pool Night

    I know this is pretty ridiculous. Usually once a week we have the neighbors over for "drunkin pool night". It is totally relaxed and just for fun but there is a lot of drinking going on and inevitably we forget what team has stripes or solids. We only shoot 8 ball. Any ideas out there to...
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    StrokeAnalyzer Opinions ?

    Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on the usefulness of the StokeAnalyzer software.
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    WPA 8 Ball Rule Question

    If a foul is committed while legally shooting the 8 ball but you don't pocket the 8 ball, is it just ball in hand or do you lose the game? Thanks, Randy