Rehab from Back Surgery


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Hi all, I've been in excruciating pain for the last 6 months and could barely walk. It ends up I had a fractured vertebrae (S1 L-5) that was totally compressing the nerve down my left leg. The surgeon replaced a herniated disc and used screws and rods to fuse S1/L5 and then bone fusion between them.

Well I had surgery on 4-25 and I can't believe how great it went. No more pain and I can walk again (already up to 4-5 miles per day) .

The problem is I can't bend, twist or lift for 4 months while I go through re-hab. So that means no pool during that time. I'm obviously totally bored since the only thing I can do is walk which is a good thing.

I figured during this time I would work with my wife on improving her game (poor Liz), but I'm also looking for any suggestions on what you would do in my situation to improve my own game without actually being able to play. I have lot's of books and will be re-reading them.

Thanks for any suggestions


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Might be a good time to work with a mechanical bridge. I always tell myself that I'm going to practice using a mechanical bridge...and then I never do.

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I went thru back surgery approx 16 yrs ago and now due to a highway accident, have more back problems and meralgia parasthetica in my right leg. The meralgia will never go away.

Just getting back to work even before a cat scan so they don't even know what is going on in there.

First off, I would listen to the Dr.s orders. You don't want to do any damage in there while yer still healing. They just cut thru a few inches of tissue and muscle in your back to begin with. Don't want to blow out your disc again and the screws and fusion have to set.

Don't rush it.

Second, I would put my feet up, get wifey to make sammies, fetch beer and watch all the UTube vids and instructional Dvds that I could get my hands on.