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  • Hi Bob,

    Got your friend request. Sure I'll be AZ friends with you . . . Not sure exactly what that means, but I'm in.

    Clicked you in as a friend as you had requested. Thanks for reaching out, and best wishes!
    Hello there, I saw on the WFS section that you have a new Mobley Bramhandl for sell ? Is that correct ? Are you looking to sell it ? Please PM me with more information.
    Hey Bob.Thanks for Black Boar shaft.It is in my hands finaly.Thanks for tips and chalks also! You are the man!!Send me your adress so i can send you shirt and DVD like i promissed.
    Hy Bob,
    I'm honoured for your friendship request and of course we can get friends!
    Btw, my real first name is Roberto and is nice to meet you!
    Al the best from your Swiss friend Roberto / Al Capool
    my cues that i have are 1 - 1972 gina cue in prestine condition -15 richard blacks- james white lots of ivory a herman rambow a gilbert a mike lambros but the early one 92' flat face brass joint vivians dpk omega with lots of ivory and more my daughter is having her 15th birthday hispanic tradition is thru chruch then food 400 relatives and friends it get expensive a qincinera its called like easy $20k but i need someone to help me or lead thru on how to post pics ! and to take that other matter with mr. ENIGMATICUL !!! MANY BLESSINGS ROLAND MARTINEZ 210 488-5525
    hello sir i forgot your name but you helped me on the big truck show with mr ray henson one time on how to to something its been so long getting on computer ,im a realestate investor in san antonio,tx , my az name is monopoly man you can check my record or what ever you call it sir , but i saw a gentleman by the name enigmaticul and wrote to me ok you scammer ive reported you to mr wilson and youll be banned !what ive done nothing for the of christ our lord i only mentioned the cues i have for sale and thats it . can you help me on this matter !! also i have done bussiness with fast and loose ! but ive done nothing absolutly wrong for ENIGMATICUL to say im going to be banned please help check my record please this is all cleared can you guide me thru how to post pics of my cues ! oh also mr ken kerner and mr duc !Roland Martinez 210 488-5525 email thank you sir kindly and many blessings
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