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  • I found an old True SP and am told its a Bill McDaniel, someone on here told me you worked in his shop for a time. I am looking for someone who might verify the cue as truly a McDaniel.. Thanks for your time,, David
    Im looking for dymondwood jump cue .Do you have any and how much you are selling them for ? Thank you
    Shipping would be $50 extra so the price of the cue + shipping would be $350.

    What color are you looking for and what weight?

    I'm interested in one of your J/B cues, do you have one in stock? How much are they shipped to Glenfield NSW Australia 2167. Thank you in advance.


    Wrenn FERRER
    Yes I have some for sale and they usually run around 19 oz. but sometimes I get one in the 18.5 oz range but I never know what color it will be. The price is $300 picked up or $325 shipped since Rutland Plywood burnt to the ground and dymondwood is no longer available except at higher cost. I accept PayPal at and it is also easier to just email me at that address.
    Hi Alex,

    I'm looking for a J/B and I would really like to try one of your Dymondwood cues. Do you have any for sale in the near future? Can I ask you how much you are selling them for? Also are these a little bit heavier cue? I was thinking of getting a J/B in the 18.5 range. What do you recommend for your J/B?

    Can you make me a break cue of my wood of choice or would it be easier for you to make it with the wood you have. Email is or text 7245165549
    Hello, I have a dymondwood "Topper" cue stick; bought in 2004 at Classic Cue Billiards, Buffalo NY. The graduated knurls are perfect! And, since I found this web site yesterday and Your cues sticks I would like to buy a break cue to match my stick. How do I send you pictures of my stick, it's burnished dark oak with 10 tapered knurls w/tapered tip . Will you please send me pictures and pricing for a dymondwood break stick. Thank you, Youngstown Slim - Again, thank you.
    Do you have any Diamondwood jump break cues.... If much....and in what colors?

    Hello Mr. Brick I was wondering if you could refinished a cue for me. I love the brick i got it last year.
    I brought it used and it needs done plus it has a small chip in the ivory joint that needs to be fixed. Could you give me a quote are a way to call you to get this done. Thanks Jason
    do you have any of your Diamond wood J/B cues for sale? I am looking for one. prefer the darker colors.
    Kevin Lyons
    Hi, I was wondering about your dyamond wood Break cue's, If It is possible to get one that is mostly Gray with Red in it, not sure if I'm describing it clearly. I really want one and didn't know if that was possible.

    Thank you

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