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    Buttsleeve/Buttcap Refinish Thickness

    Here is the problem with that. When the cues are made the butt cap is sanded with the butt sleeve and then the logo is engraved after the fact so everything matches up. You are better off sanding the new butt cap down to the original size and then finish. Very hard to build finish up more...
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    In Search Of Meucci Original Butt Cap

    Yes, Bob Meucci has them as he was the one that made them.
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    I step core all my forearms. Start with .625 all the way through and then go back for 9 inches with ,750. I do not like having the finished size of the cue being .850 and the cored wood at the end being only .050 a side thick or less if joint size is smaller than .850. The .625 gives me a...
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    LTB Dymondwood square/rod

    Easy to get confused as there were 53 colors and I used them all. Wish I could still get as I was on a roll. Hopefully someone will start to make again.
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    LTB Dymondwood square/rod

    So you have applejack which is red/charcoal or you have red which is cocobolo and the charcoal which is charcoal silvertone and then you have a black which is a special black that they made. Hard to make out what you have by your statement.
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    Tapering. CNC vs lathe...

    I am in the repair business also. Most of my business is in repair. I get people that come in all the time wanting to know if I can copy their old shaft and make them a new one just like it to fit their Joss, Meucci, Schon, etc. Or they want one just like the one the have but they want a...
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    Tapering. CNC vs lathe...

    Don't know Chris as I get all kind of request to build shafts with this taper or that taper. Some people want a 10 inch pro taper at 12.7 mm and then the next wants a 6 inch pro taper at 12.5 mm. I have them bring an old shaft in and want me to copy the taper. With a CNC it is no problem, can...
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    Tapering. CNC vs lathe...

    Wow, my CNC does the final pass on shafts in about 60 seconds and just as smooth as my table saw was.
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    Buffing speeds?

    I have a Caswell 1100 rpm buffer with 12 inch wheels. I have loose cotton and dormet flannel and have doubled up on each side . The loose cotton is for rough cut and the dormet flannel is for final finish. It is best to experiment with buffing compounds to see which ones work best. I have a...
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    Alex Brick

    Just a note to thank all the well wishers. For those of you that did not know I had anaplastic thyroid cancer. Had surgery that removed cancer, voice box and lymph glands in neck. I have slowed down but I am not dead yet. I still want to make a few more cues but now will have to figure out...
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    WTB: quality double black joint phenolic

    I believe that is single black as I have talked to Joe before. We bought from the same supplier and they quit making double black.
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    WTB: quality double black joint phenolic

    Good luck on finding some that is good. If you do let me know where you get it as I need some.
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    Joint size ?

    Hard to tell from photo. Will a Joss shaft or Schon screw on or start to screw on the pin? If they do it is 5/16 x 14 which is what it looks like.
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    3/8 x 10 modified pin tap with .308 vs ,312 pilot

    When you make the shaft and use the .308 tap with the .307 hole. This ensures the tap not walking with the .308 nose on the tap. I then use the .312 or 5/16 bit since they are very snug on the .308 pin. The .312 will make it fit snug but not tight. You might want to experiment to see what...
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    3/8 x 10 modified pin tap with .308 vs ,312 pilot

    .308 of course and drilled with .308 also.