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  • Part 2

    Your goal should be to get the stick on the line & then have your body in a manner/position that will "allow" you to move the stick in a straight line. NO ONE can tell you to do XYZ to get THAT to happen.

    If you set your body per xyz & that is not correct to allow the above, then you will always be fighting that faulty body position.

    The way to do it right is to "focus" in the straight movement of the stick & "feel" hoe your body "needs" to be to "allow" it.

    I ran into some eye issues & tip that was given to me is to pick the line with your eyes naturally on that line & get down for the shot while looking ONLY at the object ball until in position. IT helped but goes against what I used for many decades.

    I hope something here 'fits' you & helps.

    At all costs stay away from the Set, Pause, Finish(SPF) Family of instructors led by RandyG & Scott Lee. Tor Lowery has some fairly good stuff on DVD & YOUTUBE.

    Best Wishes & Shoot "STRAIGHT"
    I am 65 yrs. old & have been playing since I was 13. I have finished to 2nd. for MVP in every league that I played(which at time was 5 /week) to the guy who only qualified while I Played EVERY week. I also the award for Most Run Outs every time.

    In that instructors forum, I would ONLY listen to Fran Crimi. She was a Top 10 Professional Player. Others are as CJ Wiley called them, Clowns. Matt Shermann goes against that as he is not in Lock Step with them.

    As to the PSR, I basically use non & never have. Here is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing to focus on... move the stick "straight" on "every" plane. Do not even think about your elbow & the pendulum BS. Move the stick as straight as you can along the long axis of the "straight" stick. Your body will naturally adapt to what it must do to reach that goal of your "focus".

    Forget Dr. Dave's stuff. There is "some" good info there but YOU will not be able to tell the real gold from the fools gold.
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