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    30-32 inch butt 3/8x10

    Looking for a little more length dont need a shaft already have a OB 30 inch shaft. Budget is tight (Under 100) but I'm not picky banged up is fine.
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    Would putting my pool balls in an Ultrasonic cleaner be a horrible idea?

    Just curious, I purchased a large industrial one a few months back for motorcycle parts and it seems to clean anything I drop into it with ease but I do know if something is too soft it can pretty much destroy it. Or should I just buy some cleaning product?
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    Digicue blue and Play Great Pool by mark wilson

    Digicue blue $130 shipped perfect condition lightly used Play great pool $50 shipped paypal prices are shipping included to US 48
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    Having the discipline to adhear to a PSR.

    Now i'm a complete beginner I've been playing for about a month and I tend to try and work through Dr.Dave's part 1 billiards exam as practice at times I think it may be a little too challenging for me but It's nice to track my progress albeit slow. One problem I've ran into is really finding...
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    Pool table mechanic in Saint louis area?

    I'm seeking someone to help with my AE Schmidt I've recently used a local service and the results with the rails where somewhat sloppy as far as refinishing I was looking for someone to research the worsted cloth on my table and just get the rails back on correctly. I installed the rails myself...
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    Trouble drawing the ball?

    I'm new to pool I just started playing about two weeks back and as I work through Dr.Dave's pool workout/test and another recommended by I notice my biggest weakness is drawing the ball. Any further than 2 1/2 diamonds away I cant seem to draw. I've been reading "play great pool"...
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    30 inch butt 3/8x10 .850(slight difference is fine), longer is fine

    Looking for a butt for my OB shaft I've been using with a mcdermott, I really feel like I could use the extra inch I'm looking for something cheap nothing fancy. 18oz-20oz range Max budget 80 dollars shipped.
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    CPBA Worsted Cloth, Cheaper alternative to simonis

    Just a tip I recently purchased an oversized 8 AE Schmidt pool table and finished my basement to accommodate it and after the remodel I was left kind of on a budget but the original felt was really worn out ( I purchased the table used ) so I checked amazon and found this...