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    My Man Cave Slash pool room is coming together finally

    Well I have finally began to get my home pool room together , just got a (new to me) 9ft, Commercial grade table , though I have no idea who made it , its most likely early to mid 60s vintage , absolutely no makers marks anywhere on the table , all wood construction, 1" slates 3 piece, ( center...
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    Rack your own

    I see a lot of tournaments and pro level events that use rack your own format , Why do These events not have a designated rackers provided by the tournament?
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    What is the Strangest you have won gambling at pool

    We have all been around the halls and bars and watched and participated as the money flowed , whether as players or rail birds betting on the side I have watched players lose money, cars , cues , jewelry ECT But the strangest thing I saw won in a pool game was a 35lb Redfish I was fishing...
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    Ranking Players D to A

    I have been on AZB for a while(2010) and I always see people talking about A players B players C players and so on What do you consider the skill level of these different Rankings Would a B player be considered a shortstop ( a good local player who routinely wins Local Tournaments ) And...
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    Pool quirks, Irks,rituals and Idiosyncrasies

    Every player out there has their own rituals , personal quirks, and some irks that they know at heart cant really matter but still cant stroke a ball without going through. For some it may be carrying their chalk in their bridge hand while shooting (Common) or as out there as having to...
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    Meucci original ST series LTB

    Looking for a Meucci original ST-1 (sneaky pete) and an ST-2 ( plain birdseye maple, black linen wrap with black collar and butt cap), these were 2 of the lowest end cues Meucci made in the late 80s Not interested in any Meucci signature logos or anything1990 or newer PM me what you have...
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    Pool Songs

    I was sitting going through my music hard drive today and ran across an old Mel McDaniel song from 1984 Called "Hustler" It has one of the greatest pool lyrics " All I heard was a cue ball crack , 9 balls fall and Slim say rack and he kept his run until all my money was gone . Then he looked...
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    Linen, leather, exotic or wrapless what do you prefer

    I guess I tend to be a bit biased but Leather and exotic wraps on cues seem to take alot away from a cue for me. I see some absolutely gorgeous cues out there but then these leather and exotic wraps seem to cheapen the appearence for me I have only played with one Leather wrap cue in my 27...
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    WTB Gilbert or Equel Merry Widow

    Looking to buy an Andy Gilbert merry widow player but will be interested in seeing any Gilberts for sale in my price range not looking to spend over 1k Max Also interested in merry widows of equal quality and playability to a Gilbert Sly, Nitti , Sugar tree , ect Appreciate your time
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    LD shafts My Humble opinion

    I know i am gonna get beat up and bashed over this one but here it goes. I was reasding a thread yesterday and a fairly new player was asking about wheather or not to buy a low end playing cue and add an LD shaft as his buget was about 300-400 dollars. I asked him have you ever played with...
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    L shaped bar table I have...
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    best pool one liners

    In my time around pool halls all over i have heard some of the most colorful and funny one-liners from people in the pool hall. Could we all share some of our favorites ? For me My Favorite I ever heard " [B]Of course he will gamble his pockets are Axel deep to a ferris wheel "
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    Tiger cues Burbank CA

    Has anyone played with a Tiger cue ? Would like some players opinions on hit and playability. I know that these things are going to differ from player to player due to personal preference but was just looking for general opinions on tigers Quality , Craftsmanship , hits decent or turn around...
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    South East Texas Pool

    Hey guys this is my first thread on the forums I was wondering about the pool scene around the Beaumont / Port Arthur Texas area , I work overseas and have been out of the game for a few years but I am ready to jump back in. I used to know all the players around the Golden Triangle back in...