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    Meucci MTC-4

    Listed this on Ebay, let me know if anyone is interested...same model Freddie used in his video's.... Ray
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    Please help I D this cue.

    Right on the bumpers, stock are low profile, most I see now have aftermarket bumpers that are more spherical. Notice the bumpers on the two top cues in this picture. The picture is four that I have, 3 are ebay/pawn finds. The '15 on the top I purchased last year. There are pics all over the...
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    Cue Restoration Northern Virginia

    I have a few older cues I'd like to have restored, finish removed, linen replaced, refinished, plus have a shaft or two made using rings from an older shaft. Anyone know of a reliable craftsman in my neck of the woods? DC, Charlottesville, Richmond areas FedEx is just down the street if you...
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    Anyone know if Manwon (Craig W. Rittel) is still doing cue work?

    I know his shop closed, but was wondering if anyone knew if he was still doing cue work and if so, a way to contact him would be great. Thanks, Ray
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    WTB Instructional Videos

    Have an insatiable appetite for instructional dvd's. Let me know what you have, I have quite a few, but not all of them and the addiction to collect is strong. Wish everyone a few good days of shooting over your head. Ray
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    WTB Instructional Videos

    Looking to build a library, let me know what you have..... Ray
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    Anyone make a New Stitched Collar Shaft

    Hey AZer's, does anyone know where to get an aftermarket shaft for an old green letter Mali with a wide stitched pattern on the collar? OR, does anyone have an extra for dog legs, straight as a rail only, I already have one for shooting around corners. Thanks....hope everyone...