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  • hi chuck

    do you think you and justin will be coming back for our tournament? if so let me know if you guys need a room.

    ray poitra
    I remember Brian very well. He would have been a world champion. He and Archer were coming up at the same time and they played about the same. Brian could break, jump, and run out with either hand. How many people can do that? He came through Athens,Al. a lot and played Kenneth James, our local hero. We had a lot of world champions to come through here to play the man who had never been mentored, read a book on pool or even seen a tape on pool. Steve Mizerak went to college here and played him everyday for 4 years and once said that Kenneth was the best damned dumb pool player in the world. He didn't mean it condescendingly, he meant it as a compliment. The last time Brian came through he had Kenneth hooked $250.00 and let him win his money back and Kenneth said no one had ever done that and that it ruined his game. Brian was the nicest pool player to come through our sleepy little hamlet.
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