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  • Hi Yourself Hope all is well , and you have a Happy Turkey day also . I will be doing the dinner this year for the 1st time . That will be a trip . later , jim
    Wonderful news about your Girl . Really goo shes handling the cemo well , some get really sick . Just got back from a tough trip . Left home weds . delivered Santa fe N.M and albaquerqee , n.M. on friday , Elpaso on Sat. reloaded phoenix and Las Vagas Sunday and monday , delivered today Seattle . Now I rest . You and yours Take care . Jim
    Hi again Not much change , everything sameo samo . I did get enough work in where I got my 1sy pay check friday , since november . that was a thrill . Long time since I had a thrill, come to think about it . Hope youall is doing good . Notice the southern youall, we from south Seattle . Take care . Jim
    Got the modified Finger Slides (and regular ones). Great product and service. Keep up the good work !

    My daughter is my bragging rights as a very good girl who never gave me trouble and is now a doctor. She was also our county Beauty Queen and is still with her HS sweetheart who is a doctor also. My son lives life on the wild side as assit. manager of a big night club on Miami Beach and doesn't get out bed until 7 PM. While he is making 6 figures He is living up every penny and has a condo right on the ocean in Miami Beach. He is actually smarter than my daughter but uses it to party his way through life. While he has caused me many heart aches, he is still the apple of my eye. The fact he forgot my birthday was no surprise, but he does call me more often than my daughter does just to tell me he is still alive. After the Divorce I raised both of them. So I might have an even greater attachment to my children than most fathers. Before Divorce I was Mr Mom because my Ex is a professional workaholic.
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