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  • you bought a Diviney from me a year or so ago. I noticed you had a 314-2 shaft or sale. is it the predator uniloc? if you still have it, I am a buyer if you can ship it so I get it next week early, I am going out of town next Thursday for a while.
    Kevin Lyons ( Lakeman77)
    Yes I still have my Lomax Jump Cue, but it`s not for sale for now. I will let you know when I`ll get my new one. I`m waiting for a Eric Brissette (From Montreal, QC - Canada) Custom Jump Cue made of Kingwood.

    Keep in touch.
    Hello. The pay pal payment has been made for the Josey. Here is shipping address;
    Perry Tollefson
    3920 30 ave. So,
    Minneapolis mn 55406
    Hey bud. Please leave me positive feedback for the jacoby dedicated break cue and tell me the steps of where I need to go to leave you positive feedback. I want to establish my honesty and trust among azer's. Thanks alot. Jeff
    I cleared my PM box sir, sorry...You can answer my PM if you'd like. I'm sure you're not interested but I had to offer
    DID NOT GET THE in the middle of moving to chicago...give me a few days send again please to again jerry
    I haven't heard back from you. Don't know if you didn't get my pic's but if not I have posted the cue on the wanted/ for sale. If you're interested I will give you first shot since I have already talked to you. I have been and still am having computer problems.
    I work the late shift at work so if you respond to my prev. message don't be alarmed if i don't message you back right away.
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